10 Simple Protection Spells for protecting your home against negative energies

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Energetic Break-in - 10 hints for protecting your home against negative energies | Witch, Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca
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We know that everything around us consists of energy. Thoughts, words, and actions create new energies and modify existing ones. In the same way that we can often be targeted by negative energy attacks, our residence and our workplace are also vulnerable if nothing is done. That’s why we’re going to learn 10 simple protection spells for protecting our house and work!

Consistent complaints, dirt, clutter, dirty words, blasphemy, objects that no longer serve us, and negative thoughts are the main causes that make our house on Earth a dark place which can drain our energy leaving us sick, leading to madness, depression or even death.

It is important to keep the places where we live and work with good vibrations, requesting the presence of the Goddess and her protection to avoid such evils. However, we should not leave this responsibility alone in the hands of the Goddess and we should also take different actions to protect the areas.

Check out some hints and spells that will help protect your home or your workplace so that there is no break-in by bringing negative influences or low energies:


1) Summon the Goddess using spirals

To keep the negative energies out of your home, place the design of a spiral in the doorway, or an object in this shape facing left. From the inside use the same spiral, but facing to the right. The spiral is an ancient Celtic symbol and commonly used in Wicca which represents the strength of the Mother Goddess.

There are also double and triple spirals, but this one is the most indicated in this case. When facing left it symbolizes “banishment“, removing all kinds of bad energy; When facing right it symbolizes “attraction” attracting the power and protection of the Goddess.

A great technique which can be used at different times is to draw these spirals in the air with your magic wand or forefinger when entering into some environment or over objects when encountering or gaining them. While you do this, request the presence of the Goddess to attract good energies or to banish the bad ones.

Energetic Break-in - Spirals for banishing and summoning


2) Prepare a glass with water and coarse salt

Take a pot or glass, preferably never used, and fill it with coarse salt and water. Stir counterclockwise with your wooden spoon. Leave it in the entrance room of your home or workplace, preferably behind the door, to absorb the negativity you enter. Every month take the glass and pour the contents on running water. Fill it again with coarse salt and water, stir and place in the entry room.


3) Make one protective amulet

Find a key (the older, the better) and tie it with a red ribbon to hang behind the front door. This protective amulet is a Mediterranean tradition that protects the entrance of your home and guarantees protection for each exit.

Amulet for protection


4) Prepare a Spell Bottle

Witches’ bottles, also called Spell Bottles, have existed for centuries in different formats for many purposes. Arrange a frosted jar and store nails, needles, and other sharp objects inside it. Seal the jar so that no one can open it and leave it in a prominent place in your home. Never reveal the content to anyone. This is a good amulet against the evil eye both at home and at work. When you no longer feel the need to use it or find that it has already absorbed enough energy, bury it.

5) Befriend the Elementals

If you have pots with plants at home, know that elementals can inhabit them! You can gain the sympathy of a Gnome (earth), a Sylph (air), an Undine (water) or a Salamander (fire) by placing colored jelly beans, blackberries or small berries in the pots. They say they are so happy that they end up bringing protection and joy to the home. Having a fountain can also be an invitation to the Undines!

Elementals are spiritual beings that inhabit the terrestrial sphere. Although we can hardly see them, we can feel them. Like us, elementals are also energetic manifestations so we can interact with them.

For further reading, check this post: Summoning Magic – The Elemental Beings

Energetic Break-in | Elementals: Air, fire, water, earth


6)  Create an Altar

Create an Altar for the Deities you identify the most and keep it organized and clean. Let your imagination flow and consider the symbols that represent these Deities.

For example, if you are going to build an altar for the Goddess Venus, it is common to use shells and flowers; For Gaia it is common to put some earth and leaves. Images and representations are also welcome.

7) Use the pin bell and sing mantras

The pin bell is used to energize the environment and also to measure the frequency of vibrations. Use the pin bell in different places of your house or your work to know if everything is in order. When the energies are high and stable, the sound of the bell will be “smooth” and constant. If there is any disturbance the sound of the pin bell will be “shaky” and unstable.

For example, by tapping the pin bell on the first shelf of a cupboard, you can see that the power of that shelf is stable. However, when measuring the second shelf the sound may be shaky. That will mean that there is something modifying the energy there. It may be an item that you have won with bad intentions, it may be dust accumulation or even some annotation of something bad left inside some object. After finding out what is causing the disturbance and getting rid of this energy, tap the bell again to make sure everything is stable.

The pin bell can also be used for meditation and for singing mantras. Try playing it while chanting your preferred mantra or just the “Om” sound.

8) Let it go

Do not accumulate objects! Let them go! The buildup does no good for any environment or anyone. Donate everything you no longer use, there’s always someone who needs them.

Many people (believe me this is more common than we can imagine) accumulate objects because they say they feel secure with them and this happens at different levels ranging from paper in the drawer to extreme cases of compulsive accumulation. This behavior is studied and treated by psychologists worldwide and has already generated reality shows like The Hoarder Next Door in England. What is not revealed by psychologists, however, is that the environments where the accumulations are made are impregnated with negative and destructive energies. Exactly why the life of these people who accumulate are often full of misfortune, separation, lack of health, death and loneliness.

Energetic Break-in - Odilon Redon - Smiling Spider
The Smiling Spider (1881) from the French painter Odilon Redon. Redon was known as the painter of nightmares (and dreams some time after) and many of his artworks depict malevolent and disturbing creatures.


9) Burn incenses

Burn incense to purify the air of psychic pollution. Sandalwood, Rosemary and Lavender are great for this. You can check suggestions in the post Incenses and their magic properties.

Burn the incense with an open window so the wind can bring good energies and take away the bad ones. You can combine different types of incense or use only one that you feel most comfortable with.

10) Use a magic broom

Use a magic broom to clean your house! You probably will not see a Witch flying on a broom, but it doesn’t mean a broom is a mere object of decoration. Consecrated brooms are able to sweep the negative energies out of the environments. To do this you just have to have your own broom, consecrate it and magically sweep from the inside out, without touching the ground, singing:

Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping the floor
Banishing the evil, the dirt and more
May love, goodness, and health stay with me
For my home is clean, pure and free!
Energetic Break-in - Cleaning the environment


Keeping the environment energized

In addition to these hints, you can spread crystals in different places of your home or your work. Different crystals have different properties, so try different combinations to clean and attract what you want for your environment.

Do you have any new hints? Leave in the comments below! Share the post so that more people can protect their homes! Blessed be )O(

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Witch, Witchcraft, Paganism - 10 Hints for protecting your home against negative energies


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