Hekate – Goddess of Witches and Paths

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Hekate - Goddess of Witches and Paths | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
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  • Attributes: Goddess of witches, of paths, of passages, and protector of home
  • Symbols: Pair of torches, dogs, keys and daggers
  • Place: Greece
Statue of Hekate | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
Hekate’s statue in one of her temples

The Goddess Hekate has power over the earth, over the sea and over the underworld and she has always been honored by other deities. Moreover, she had the exclusive prestige of Zeus, who gave her the power to grant or deny desires to mankind.

Hekate has a lot in common with the Mother Goddess of Wicca because she is also a Triple Goddess. She is represented with three bodies, or sometimes with three human heads (or one of a serpent, one of a goat and one of a horse / cow). She has in her hands some torches or sometimes a key and a dagger. On her head sometimes there are tiaras in the shape of a Crescent Moon, Full Moon and / or Waning Moon. Hekate is usually followed by three-headed dog, Cerberus.

Being able to look in three different directions, this Goddess is able to see everything: the past that interferes in the present and what could cause harm in the future. Due to her dealings with enchantments, spells (mainly with medicinal herbs) and with the night, the magicians and witches of the old Greece became her great devotees.

Hekate spread benevolence among people, blessings those who asked for them. She provided material and political prosperity, victory in games and battles, abundant fish for fishermen and healthy cattle. In return, the villagers placed statues dedicated to her at the entrance of the cities and houses, and at during the night, they offered food for her dogs in the doorstep of the houses or at crossroads Y-shaped.

It is believed that she patrols the roads on New Moon nights collecting the dead and surprising the travelers, always followed by dogs, spirits and ghosts. Hekate can never be seen and her presence is only known by the barks heard in the distance.

Hekate guided the Goddess Demeter in the night during her search for Persephone.

Hekate: Goddess of Changes

Hekate is present in times of need and when we let go of the past that haunts us. She also helps us find a new path through new beginnings and helps us to think correctly despite the confusion of ideas, the fluctuation of our moods or uncertainties as we face the inevitable changes of life.

Hekate by William Blake - 1975 | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
Hekate by William Blake – 1975

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Hounds of Hekate – Trismegistia

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Trismegistia - Hounds of Hekate

Summoning Hekate

Being a Triple Goddess, rituals on Crescent Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon can be made for Hekate, but it is in the Dark Moon that her power becomes supreme and capable of enormous changes.

It is not recommended to do any ritual during this phase without being absolutely sure of how to deal with the energy generated.

The ritual below can be done when you are “aimless” in your life, not knowing which way to go neither what to do.

Necessary items:

  • 1 black candle (for change)
  • 1 white candle (to clarify doubts)
  • 1 yellow candle (to light the way)
  • Incense (optional, may be absinthe, myrrh, sandalwood or nutmeg)
  • You can also use ritual daggers or keys as a symbol of the Goddess to attract and to please her

During the New Moon, around midnight, go somewhere quiet where you can be at peace.
Lay out the candles and incense (if using) in a circle. Light the incense and then the white candle. Think about what you want to ask for Hekate, take the time you need because you will need total clarity of mind.

Summon the Goddess by her name, thanking her for the help you have received. Light the black candle and place make your wish. Finally, light the yellow candle and ask Hekate to light your way, moving away the shadows with the light of her torch, removing the obstacles and turning the problems of the past into new stimuli.

At the end of this ritual, thank her again. The remains of the ritual can be buried or discarded in running water.

Remember that Hekate will not show the specific way you want to follow, but she will help you to follow the right path and make the right decisions.


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