Maya – Goddess of Illusion and Dreams

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Maya - Goddess of Illusion and Dreams | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
  • Attributes: Goddess of illusion, dreams and creation, the one who turns the Wheel of Fate
  • Symbols: Spider, Fig Tree
  • Place: India
Goddess Maya by Menno Dijkhuys | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
Goddess Maya by Menno Dijkhuys

In Hinduism and Vedic mythology, the Goddess Maya is seen as the force that created and maintains the physical universe. Brahman is considered the supreme cosmic power of every physical object. The ego, the individual, “mine”, and “yours” are considered illusory, belonging to Maya. It is through this illusion created by the consciousness that we can reach the truth, the highest and enlightened state.

Therefore, Maya can not be real if we consider Brahman as the absolute truth and the only reality, but the Goddess also can not be unreal because it is the base of the physical universe. Her existence then involves her understanding without her negation as well as the understanding of nature itself. It is just like the hidden face of the Goddess in Wicca, we may never fully understand her.

Maya is also called Shakti, the feminine power and the Divine Mother. In this form she is a Triple Goddess, possessing personified manifestations in the Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati.

She is responsible for turning the Wheel of Destiny, and she is often seen as a spider weaving her web representing the Weaver archetype, also seen in other cultures.

This Goddess is considered the mother of Buddha, and like Mary, she was a virgin mother. She died on the earthly plane a few days after the birth of her son and resurrected 7 days later in the Buddhist sky. They say when her son meditated under a fig tree, they are connected.

She is sometimes considered as another form of Kali or Durga, consort of Shiva who has powers over spells and magic.

Essentially, the Goddess Maya is the one who blinds all in illusion, possessing at the same time the power to show the truth.


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The web of the universe

The spider, the main symbol of Maya, is also a symbol of creativity, able to weave its own world around itself. The spider is able to thrive in any place and in any situation thanks to its formidable ability to adapt.
In many cultures, the spider is seen as the weaver of the universe. By weaving its web the spider is able to give life to new worlds, always connected to each other.
In this sense, in Buddhism, Maya represents the illusion. Her existence is the void, evoking a deceptive appearance. In Hinduism Maya represents the true existence, the essence of being.

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