Parvati – Goddess of Love and Marriage

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Parvati - Deusa do amor e casamento | Wicca, Magia, Bruxaria, Paganismo
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  • Attributes: Goddess of love, marriage, devotion, fertility, divine strength and power, protective of women
  • Symbols: Elephants, Tigers, Trident, lotus flower and dance
  • Place: India
Parvati, Shiva e Ganesha | Wicca, Magia, Bruxaria, Paganismo

Goddess Parvati is one of many Durga‘s manifestations with great feminine power in Hindu Mythology, representing a kind and motherly side of her. Together with Saraswati and Lakshmi, she belongs to a Trinity of Hindu Goddess known Tridevi.

She is the second wife of Shiva, the transformer, (the first wife, Sati is considered and earlier manifestation of the Goddess) and mother of Ganesha (God of Wisdom) and Kartikeya (God of War).

There are many different representations of Parvati, but she is always wearing a red dress. When she is with Shiva, she has only two arms and holds a lotus in her right hand, but when she is alone she is usually represented with four arms and holding various items in her hands such as flowers, a shell, a mirror, a crown, a rosary, a bell, a rice dish, an agriculture tool or sugar cane. One of her hands may be in the position of the Abhaya mudra (do not fear) and the other may be holding one of her children (most commonly Ganesha). She can also be represented with golden or yellowish skin, and bronze is the most used metal for making her sculptures.

Goddess of Union

Parvati is usually found next to Shiva in most of the Hindu temples located in South and Southeast Asia. Some of them celebrate major events in the life of the Goddess, such as those of Khajuraho, one of the four main sites associated with Parvati, along with Kedarnath, Kashi, and Gaya. According to Hindu mythology, Khajuraho is the place where Parvati and Shiva got married.

Many people seek help from Parvati to solve marital problems. The mantra Swayamvara Parvathi, according to her devotees, has the power to bring marriage, to solve problems between the couple or to prevent a bad union. This is a mantra that must be pronounced 1008 times a day for 108 days in a row so that the energy needed for it to work is generated.



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Summoning Parvati

Although commonly invoked for marital affairs, Parvati has several other attributes that make her a Goddess to be called in times of weakness or impotence while facing some situation.

You can be in tune with the Goddess only by honoring her daily and distributing gifts for some women for whom you have admiration. Parvati is strongly present in this relationship.

If you want, you can also perform rituals or chant mantras so that you can approach the Goddess, but it is important to do this during the Crescent Moon phase, the lunar phase which most identifies with the Goddess and her consort, Shiva.

Necessary Items: 

  • A Parvati symbol you prefer
  • Incense (optional)
  • Your favoutrite song or a mantra

It doesn’t matter the time of day, take a bath to relax and light the incense.

Mentalize your requests and, with the symbol in hand, start to dance as your body commands.

Don’t control yourself and put bad thoughts aside, focusing only on the Goddess and her benevolence. Dance until you get tired or feel it is enough, and if possible, repeat during the days of the Crescent Moon.

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