Summoning Magic – The Elemental Beings

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Summoning Magic - The Elementals Beings | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

As we previously read in Summoning Magic – A study about different ways of practicing it, there are many ways to practice summoning magic. In this post, we’ll see a simple, effective and healthy way to practice it! It’s Elementals Magic!

Elemental Beings in our lives

Ancient philosophers concluded that all the creation was originated from 4 base elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. This point of view changed a lot with the advance of science, but the elements are still seen in this way inside some cults and inside Wicca.

It is very important to notice that the element Fire is not just the same of a flame; the element Water is not just the same liquid we drink; the element Earth is not just where we step on; the element Air is not just what we breath. The symbolism exists and their representation is very important, but they are much more than this: They are life, intuition, purification and emotion. They are a stream of energy with unique features that matches the very own principles of life. The elements are tied to our emotions, to the human mind and to the nature.

Some old myths tell us that divine beings were sent to our transforming planet to create order from chaos. When they arrived and got in touch with the vibrational frequency of our plane, they became the 4 elements connecting Earth, nature and the divine. The elements, for example, are likely depicted as spirits o entities from nature. They are usually grouped in 4 categories and they are seen as unique beings.

It is very common to talk about the Fifith Element (Ether or Spirit) which is among the other four or which represents all of them together. It is possible to find all the 5 Elements in a very popular symbol among witches and Wicca: the pentagram. This symbol is a star with 5 ends: 4 of them represent the 4 base elements and the top one represents the Fifth Element. When we put the pentagram on a circle it becomes a pentacle, a symbol which means the universe and everything inside of it.

The Pentagram and the Elements | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

The Elemental Beings

Each element has traits that makes it unique – and those traits are reflected in ourselves, in our personality and in every aspect of our lives. It is common to be closer to one than to another, and this is never fixed, as we are always in constant evolution.

Earth – Gnomes 
Earth Element | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

Traditionally, they are protectors of the earth’s treasures. Myths agree that they do not sympathize with humans, but if a human gains the trust of a Gnome, he can become a close friend and ally.

There is a legend that they had a king named Gob, and his followers were called Goblins, mischievous people nesting in human houses, especially those containing children.

When they were in balance, they helped to do the chores at night and discipline the little ones, giving them gifts when they were good, or punishments when they were bad. When irritated, they became unpredictable: they threw things around the house, dragged furniture, and took the bedding out from the sleeper, similar to the Poltergeist phenomenon.

Growing a garden, a Zen garden or having plants at home is a way to attract the presence of the Gnomes. In witchcraft, the Gnomes promote trust, stability, and strength.

The Earth element is also considered the most powerful female energy, it is fertile and stable, connected with the Mother Goddess Gaia. It is related to the east and associated with the colors green and brown. It is represented by the “Pentacles” suit of the Tarot cards.

Water – Undines

Water Element | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

Undines show themselves to humans as nymphs or mermaids. It is said that they can be found in marshes, ponds, underground rivers, wells and are also present in moisture and other liquids. It is common to see, in ancient myths, reports of mermaids in waterfalls and ponds, as well as in fountains. At the sea, they are called Oceanides, daughters of Oceanus, the Titan.

Undines bring balance, tranquility, and inspiration. Having a fountain at home with running water promotes the flow of energies and attracts Undines to the place.

This element is related to the west, associated with mystery and emotion. It is a feminine energy and highly connected to aspects of the Goddess. It is associated with the blue color and the “Cups” suit of the Tarot.

Undines are very emotional, friendly and open to sharing services with humans, but extra caution is needed as they can have a high influence on emotional well-being.

Fire – Salamanders 
Fire Element | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

It is through their influence that fire exists. There are many types of Salamanders, but it is commonly accepted that they are very proud and are very strong.

Like other elementals, they are playful and fond of children, but they do not fully understand the outcome of their actions, and may harm those around them if they are irritated. They are seen more often at night, showing themselves as little spheres of light when they are close to the water (the fiery fire comes from there) or as lizards when they are on soil.

Salamanders bring protection, prosperity and well being for the home. Keeping a fireplace, a candle or something that emanates heat is a good way to attract and please them.

This elemental is of masculine energy and purification, connected to willpower. It symbolizes the fertility of the God, being able to create and to destroy. It is related to the south, associated with passion and creativity. It is associated with the red color and “Staves” suit of the Tarot.

Salamanders directly affect human nature and are linked to the heat we emanate from our body. They can influence our emotions and our mood. When someone is usually called a “hot head”, it is a reference to this state that is out of tune.

 Air – Sylphs 
Air Element | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism

They manifest their presence in clusters of clouds, in the wind that blows, in the formation of snow and in storms. They are also responsible for the growth and development of all flora present on the planet, and they are shown to us in the form of fairies.

There are myths that say that if you listen carefully, you may hear a Silphus talking to you through the wind.

They approach artists in general, giving them visions of beauty and wisdom.

Keeping bells and objects that interact with the wind are signs that you are open to welcome Sylphs in your home. They bring inspiration, problem solving ideas, and important messages about events that are about to happen.

It is associated with the yellow and white colors and the “Swords” suit of the Tarot. It is related to the west cardinal point.

É também discutido que As Musas da mitologia grega sejam, na verdade, Silfos que assumiram forma humana para inspirar e influenciar as ações da humanidade, conduzindo-nos a um caminho mais espiritual.

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Elemental Beings around us

Elementals are everywhere, but not all of us can see them. Usually, they are visible only to those who train clairvoyance or those who “tune in” in the same vibrational frequency. It’s easier to see them away from the cities, but you can be sure that some are by your side right now. They are sensible beings, with emotions and life.

To work with elemental energies it is important to be open to them, paying attention to their physical manifestations and meanings. Think about what they symbolize and what aspects of life they are related to. Only by knowing yourself and using this knowledge can you attain balance.

Following the little tips mentioned above, you can create a comfortable and cozy environment for all the elementals inside your home. If you have not yet tried this practice, prepare to make the environment where you live more harmonious, more peaceful and full of positive energies!

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