Wiccan Full Moon Spells: Intuition, Love and Prosperity

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Wiccan Full Moon Spells: Intuition, Love and Prosperity | Wicca, Witch, Witchcraft, Goddess, Paganism
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The Moon has great influence upon us. Her magnetism changes the Earth’s energies, affects the tides and affects ourselves, including female menstrual cycles. Since ancient times, witches aware of this energy make different kinds of celebrations on every Full Moon. In Wiccan traditions is very common to make an Esbat.

During the Full Moon phase, the Triple Goddess becomes a Mother. This is a great time to work with intuition, love and prosperity spells. The Goddess Power is at her peak and we can bring this to our lives.

Below you can find some suggestions of simple spells to enjoy this period full of energy.

Full Moon Spell: rite to power up your intuition

Necessary items:

  •  1 Mugwort incense
  •  1 small box

Go to a calm place where you won’t be disturbed and light up the incense. While it burns you may relax and start to visualise the subjects which you’d like to foresee. When the incense is completely burnt, take its ashes and keep them inside the small box. Keep the box in a secure place and use the ashes whenever you want to use your powers for divination.


Full Moon Spell: love rite

Necessary items:

  •  9 pink candles
  •  1 rose quartz
  •  1 cinnamon incense
  •  Rose essential oil
  •  White paper and pen

Write your love wishes on the paper during the Full Moon night. Make a big circle with the 9 pink candles, drop some rose essential oil on each of them, light them up and sit in the middle of the circle. While you’re in the circle centre, light up the incense and visualise the flames warming up your heart and telling you that you deserve to be loved.

Take the rose quartz and pass it through the incense smoke for three times while saying: “I bring love for my life”. Blow the rose quartz an put it over the paper with your love wishes. Now you can leave the circle, but don’t blow away the candles!

Next morning, burn the paper and throw the ashes in the wind. The candles can be thrown on flowing water or you can bury them.

Carry the rose quartz with you and you shall emanate an aura of love for attracting love back to you.

Full Moon Spell: prosperity rite

Necessary items:

  •  Cauldron
  •  1 silver coin
  •  Flowing water

This spell needs to be cast in an open environment.

Fill up half of your cauldron with flowing water and then put the silver coin inside. Put your cauldron on the floor so it can reflect the Full Moon. Now move your hands over it and say the following spell three times:

“Oh Dear Moon Mother, I ask thee. Bring me your wealth. Fill my hands with silver and gold. Everything you shall give me I’ll enjoy. So mote it be!”

After this, throw the water on the earth and carry the silver coin with you.

3 spells to cast during the Full Moon | Wicca, Witchcraft, Magic, Witch, Pagan

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