Wiccan Waxing Moon Spells: Goals, Health and Success

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Wiccan Waxing Moon Spells: Goals, Health and Success | Magic and Paganism
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Among all the Moon phases, the Waxing Moon is great for casting spells related to solid ideas, expanding horizons e prosperity. In Wicca this phase symbolises the Goddess’ Maiden face. She is young, wild, powerful and unstoppable. Ideas and projects tend to grow up now, so enjoy this phase to achieve your goals and your success!

Waxing Moon Spell: Moon Cake

This is very simple so everyone can make it for achieving their goals.

During the Waxing Moon, bake a cake! It does not need to be a complex cake, bake a simple one! Before baking it you have to purify yourself taking a shower using coarse salt or white rose petals. While you prepare the dough you must think about your goals in a very happy way. Visualise yourself with your goals achieved and be thankful for having already achieved it. Now, while it bakes, dance and sing or listen to songs that make you happy. You can also light some incenses or some silver candles.

When the cake is ready, give the fairies the first slice. You can leave it close to a tree for example. Offer the other slices to people that are important to you. this way your happiness will grow together with theirs. As today many of us live in big cities and in apartments, if you can’t find a tree close to you, try going to a park. If there is no park close to you, leave this slice on a plate during the night and you can eat it yourself next morning.


Waxing Moon Spell: Celtic Health

Necessary items:

  • A White Candle
  • Some Honey
  • Some Milk
  • Some Green Paper

Start this rite by lighting the white candle on a platform (a plate, a candlestick, a glass…) and writing on the green paper your wishes for health. After this, say the following spell seven times:

“To the fairies from the Tree of Health I ask: Blow to me the wind of healing, You who transcend time and space. Wherever you may be, blow this wind so mote it be!” 

Close your eyes and breath in and out slowly. Blow the green paper while you visualise a shining green and orange mist leaving the paper and evolving you with its magical health.

Thank the fairies and the Goddess. Now put the paper below the platform where the candle is and leave there until the candle is totally burnt. Bury both the green paper and the rests of the candle close to a tree and pour some milk and some honey.

Waxing Moon Spell: Professional Success

Necessary Items:

  • A White or Blue Candle
  • Your favourite incense
  • White Clothes (optional)
  • An Athame, a dagger or a knife

This spell can be cast to find a new job or to improve your current job.

To start, light the incense and meditate. Think about how your new job would be or the things that could be improved in your current job to make you happier. Try to be very precise.

Take your Athame and write “SUCCESS” on one side of the candle. Write “WORK” on the other side. Write from bottom to top.

Light the candle and put your hands over it. Now visualise again your wishes and let the heat give them more energy.

Do not blow away the incense nor the candle.

You can also add some amulets and stones around the candle if you desire.

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