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Søndag Søund - Y Mabinogi: The First Branch de Damh the Bard | Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism


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Søndag Søund brings, on Sundays, artists and songs somehow related to Pagan traditions, to Wicca, to Witchcraft, and to Magic.

This post is about Y Mabinogi: The First Branch, the newest album of Damh the Bard. By the title it is possible to know what’s all about, isn’t it?

Before we talk about the album, let’s get to know the artist a bit: Damh the Bard (Dave Smith) is a pagan musician with a very extensive work in the area. Besides being a musician, he is also the Pendragon of OBOD (Order of Bard Ovates and Druids) since 2010.

Damh the Bard
Damh the Bard

His main influences are the legends, the myths and the folklore of Great Britain and Ireland. He currently has 9 albums and one live album: Herne’s Apprentice (2002), The Hills they are Hollow (2003), Spirit of Albion (2006), The Cauldron Born (2008), Tales from the Crow Man (2009), As Nature Intended (2010 – live), Antlered Crown and Standing Stone (2012), Sabbat (2014) and the newest one, Y Mabinogi: The First Branch (2017).

Therefore, Y Mabinogi: The First Branch is exactly what you are thinking: an album about the first part of Mabinogion! There will be a total of 4 albums, each one telling one part and, eventually, telling the whole saga. Interesting, isn’t it?

Y Mabinogi: The First Branch contains original songs and spoken tracks, where the saga is narrated. The 17 tracks on the double-disc album have a lot of magic in the story of Rhiannon and Pwyll from the perspective of Pryderi, the couple’s son. Upon hearing them we embark on a pleasant journey where we can feel and experience every detail of the saga.

If you have read the Mabinogion, the album is highly recommended to relive this epic story in a totally original and full of emotion way. If you have not read yet, this is a great chance to get to know the first part of the saga!


Damh the Bard – Y Mabinogi: The First Branch

Unlike the other posts where we chose a song and put lyrics and translation, with Y Mabinogi: The First Branch, we decided to recommend the entire album!

To know more about the artist, go to his official website clicking here.

So now stay in a comfortable place, relax and travel with Damh the Bard in Y Mabinogi: The First Branch:


Ps.: We’ve added the track Rhiannon to our Spotify playlist Søndag Søund. Feel free to follow it! <3


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